Videowall 8x1

Permanent installation of an 8 × 1 videowall in the IHO Espacios / Knoll showroom. Dynamic content that through a presence sensor shows a piece of abstract audiovisual art made specifically for installation.

In collaboration with Jordi Puig, Enrique Hernández, Serrano Monjaraz Architects and Grupo Niza.

MINI, 15 Años en México

Instalación Interactiva y Audiovisual

16 Interactive digital signage totems made for IPG Mediabrands in commemoration of the 15 years of MINI in Mexico.

Joy Coyoacán


Installation of Video Mapping to two walls and audiovisual production for the showroom of Joy Coyoacán, real estate development of Opera Desarrolladora.

In collaboration with David Camargo.

City Rent

Señalización Digital

Digital signage system for City Rent, new real estate concept of Abilia. It functions as the main communication between the administration of the buildings and their condominiums.

Leo Burnett

Sistema A/V

Professional audio and video system for the facilities of Leo Burnett Mexico.

In collaboration with Domotique.

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